How should caviar best be offered to guests? Are there any rules or traditions to respect? What quantities are advisable?

Serve caviar preferably always according to the occasion. What does this mean though? Caviar is a quite versatile food. Moreover, it depends on your taste how you prefer to enjoy it. Be it plain on the back of your hand, with a little butter on toasted bread, on beef tartare or in combination with roast veal. However, you should indeed consider some details when serving caviar.

Be sure to avoid using metal utensils – silver cutlery included. Why? Caviar has a high absorption capacity. As soon as caviar comes into contact with a metal bowl or spoon, it absorbs the metallic taste. This will result in a sharp, sour and bitter taste in your mouth which will ruin your caviar experience. We recommend using a traditional mother-of-pearl spoon and other utensils made of wood or glass, for example.

It is also best to take caviar out of the refrigerator about 10-15 minutes before serving. Taste it yourself before offering it to others to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you are serving the caviar during a buffet, you should place open tins in a bowl full of ice. Do not forget to read our guide on how to ensure a delightful caviar experience. (how to store caviar ).

But how can you serve caviar correctly and according to the occasion? Elegant caviar, such as our Royal Beluga, is best served plain (on the back of your hand) or with a small garnish, such as a slice of toasted dark bread with butter. Our Osetra Imperial combines perfectly with larger dishes where caviar itself plays a rather minor role. Have a look at our suggestions under each type of caviar for further information Type of caviar.

What quantity of caviar should you calculate per person? This question also depends on the situation and how you wish to serve the caviar. We recommend between 30 to 50g per person if you enjoy caviar plain. In combination with a dish, however, even 10g might be sufficient.

Follow our important advice and savour our caviar whenever you feel like spending moments of true joie de vivre. At breakfast, at lunch or during a fine dinner: Our caviar offers you an unique taste experience at any time and provides you with the necessary energy for a fulfilled life.

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