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Who we are

Imperium Caviar embodies the splendour and history of the Persian Empire and stands for tradition and exclusive quality. Our highly committed, motivated and young team offers you an incomparable taste experience and always lends an ear to your wishes. Together with our organic products line Swisspica, we are your specialists for Persian delights in Switzerland.

We only collaborate with aquacultures in Iran or other countries to which Iranian emigrants have exported their strict Persian quality standards and expertise. In the origin countries, our local collaborators perform the first quality controls. As a Swiss-registered caviar company, we thoroughly check every single caviar tin once more.

The world’s best caviar – directly to you

Our corporate responsibility

We control and guarantee all procedures surrounding production, import and sale. We’re always listening to our clients and their personal wishes and expectations.

We fully back species and environmental protection. The respect and observation of international norms and standards are self-evident to us and a main priority. We endorse the consequent implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Since Iranian aquacultures release farmes sturgeon species that are only endemic to the region, the unique sturgeon population and its diversity are strengthened in the Caspian Sea.

Our beginnings

Our reputation on caviar expertise has been well established for decades. The family originates from Northern Iran, right on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Nobody knows the texture, colour and flavour of caviar better than someone who grew up there.

In the early days of our company, we tasted caviar from every aquaculture in Iran and finally decided to select the two best caviars - in our opinion - for the exclusive costumers in Switzerland. Over the time, we refined our professional knowledge and purchased parts of one of these two producers in Iran. This is how we can ensure an even more precise quality control on-site.

Our passion

Due to its beneficial health effects, we’re convinced that caviar should be served on every table. This is the reason why we constantly expand our high quality product range and offer our caviar at reasonable prices for every family and caviar lover. We’re particularly committed to sustainability and protection of the environment and species.

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