Terms of Service of Imperium Caviar & Swisspica General Partnership

1. Scope of application

The Terms of Service of Imperium Caviar & Swisspica General Partnership (hereinafter referred to as «ToS») apply to purchases at Imperium Caviar & Swisspica General Partnership (hereinafter referred to as «Imperium Caviar») in Switzerland.

The current version of the ToS applies. Any contractual amendments, separate agreements and conditions set forth by the costumer only become part of the contract after written consent by Imperium Caviar.

2. Conclusion of the contract

When purchasing or ordering products or services on the website of Imperium Caviar, per phone or email, the costumer offers to enter into a legally binding contract by transmitting his order and therefore accepts these ToS.

The contract is considered to be concluded as soon as the receipt of order is confirmed by Imperium Caviar. The conclusion of the contract is subject to the availability of ordered products, the possibility to provide services or an incorrect price indication. The goods remain the property of Imperium Caviar until payment has been made in full.

3. Price indications and payment

All price indications on the website include VAT and other statutory taxes. Delivery costs are exclusive, unless stated otherwise.

Prices for business customers, whether mentioned in price lists, offers or verbally, are exclusive of VAT and may differ from those published on the website of Imperium Caviar.

The payment options are listed on the website and include: payment in advance or with credit card or PayPal. Unfortunately, the high quality of our products doesn't allow us to deliver on account. Payments must normally be made in Swiss francs.

4. Right of withdrawal

Orders can be cancelled by email, phone or by using the contact form on the website of Imperium Caviar on the day of ordering.

If the order is cancelled later, Imperium Caviar is entitled to charge a processing fee of CHF 50, plus the costs of any expenditure no longer required up to a maximum of 100% of the delivery price (including the price of selling and shipping costs).

5. Delivery and delivery time

Deliveries are normally only provided to customers with a delivery address in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein. If the customer’s address lies outside of this delivery area, Imperium Caviar can provide deliveries on request.

Should the customer refuse to receive the ordered products on the delivery date provided by Imperium Caviar or the delivery service, Imperium Caviar may cancel the contract and charge the customer for the delivery costs and any loss of value.

Imperium Caviar delivers generally within 2-3 working days. Due to production or delivery shortages, Imperium Caviar or the delivery service may experience delivery delays. Information on availability of the products and delivery time are therefore without guarantee and may change at any time.

6. Complaints and liability of Imperium Caviar

Identified defects must be reported immediately to Imperium Caviar after their discovery. Complaints are only admissible within 24 hours after reception of the products. Imperium Caviar is not liable for defects which customers identified, or must have identified, on receipt of the products, but failed to report to Imperium Caviar either immediately or within the complaint period. Customers lose their right to reimbursement if they fail to store the products according to the instructions of Imperium Caviar or handle them improperly.

In case a defect lies within Imperium Caviar’s responsibility, Imperium Caviar has the choice to either replace the defective product or to refund the purchase price. If Imperium Caviar chooses to replace the product, no customer’s claims for alteration of the purchase contract, reduction of the purchase price or claims for damage compensation can be asserted.

Under all claim circumstances, Imperium Caviar assumes liability only for indirect and direct damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence. Imperium Caviar accepts no liability for mistakenly inaccurate or missing information on the website of Imperium Caviar.

6-1. Liability for delivery delays

Significant delivery delays are communicated to the customer. Delivery delays do not entitle the customers to cancel the contract or to demand a refund of all or part of the purchase price.

In the event of a delivery delay for which Imperium Caviar is responsible, Imperium Caviar assumes liability, under all claim circumstances, only for indirect and direct damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence and in any case up to the product invoice amount at the most. In case of a delivery delay or failure for which Imperium Caviar is not responsible, no liability will be assumed whatsoever.

7. General information on our products

Our products are natural products without any chemical additives. Each product has its characteristics, such as own colours, tastes and sizes, which make it unique. Natural differences do not constitute a defect or reason for complaint.

8. Data protection

For the storage and processing of customer data, the most recent version of Imperium Caviar’s Privacy Policy is applicable. It is available on our website or can be sent upon request.

9. Customer service

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of questions or complaints regarding our products or their delivery:

Imperium Caviar & Swisspica Kollektivgesellschaft

Zwickystrasse 61, 8600 Dübendorf, Schweiz.

E-Mail: info@imperiumcaviar.ch

By using the contact form on our website

Phone: +41 76 579 27 55

10. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Swiss law applies exclusively. The place of jurisdiction is the district court of Uster

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