Farm in Mazandaran, Iran

Imperium Caviar

Our Approach & Savoir-Faire

Thanks to the family roots in northern Iran on the shores of the Caspian Sea – the caviar’s original provenance – caviar expertise flows in our blood. Decades of production and export know-how made our decision to found the company in Zurich easy.

Science, tradition, innovation, modern technologies and processes while pioneering social, economic and ecological sustainability as well as species conservation and environmental protection: we combine all these aspects in our company in Iran and in Switzerland. We have established in-house, state-controlled laboratories where scientific researchers from the University of Marine Biology study the behaviour, growth and health of sturgeon fish in both saltwater and fresh river water. Gained insights lead directly to new process flows and practices of our employees.

Our farm in Iran is HACCP certified and uses ISO certified fish feed. No growth hormones or other artificial additives are used. Our caviar is not pasteurised and is triple-checked: at harvesting and selection, and before packing into the original tins for export. Then, as a registered caviar packer in Switzerland, we control each tin again before selling our caviar. Since we acquired a stake in this farm, we can vouch for the quality with our own name.

As a company based in Switzerland, we know about the high demands of our clientele – both upscale award-winning gastronomy and discerning private customers. However, as a company with roots in Iran, we also know about the origin’s regional terroir and tradition. It is our approach to unite both worlds. We consciously keep the traditional knowledge of previous generations of caviar producers in our company alive. Iranian caviar masters with long-standing expertise are employed as consultants. They constantly monitor the processes and actively work on the ever-improving interplay between modernity and tradition. The sturgeon and its caviar are always the focus of attention and are treated with the greatest respect. For we know nature’s value and its transience.

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