Vitamin E has an antioxidant action. This means that it neutralises aggressive free radicals which can for example result from UV radiation and cigarette smoke. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates the immune system. Disorders of the nervous system, the movement coordination and the vision may originate from a lack of this vitamin.

Vitamin E is fat-soluble and easily stored in large quantities in the cornea. A high content of vitamin E in the skin can smoothen wrinkles, protect against UV rays and accelerate wound healing.

Our daily requirement of vitamin E

The German Nutrition Society recommends for healthy people:

Age Female Male
25 to under 51 12mg 14mg
51 to under 65 12mg 13mg
65 and older 11mg 12mg

How shall we cover our need of vitamin E?

100 g of caviar satisfies roughly 71% of the daily requirement. Compared to other food, caviar stands out in this context.

Caviar is the best product for beauty lovers. It doesn’t need to be applied directly on the skin as a beauty mask or bought as an expensive cream. As soon as it’s consumed as a food, the entire body benefits from its very healthy properties. Summer and the hot days with high UV radiation are approaching..! Who doesn’t wish to enjoy the summer and the sun in a healthy body with a taut and glowing skin?

Caviar shouldn’t just be used by the best chefs but also by you! The good news is that caviar doesn’t like heat and therefore, doesn’t have to be cooked. Savour it on hard boiled eggs for breakfast, on blinis or toasted bread with some butter during your cocktail or simply on a caviar spoon directly from the tin. Treat yourself with a bit of beauty and take care of your body and soul with this natural balm.

Let caviar make us shine in our day-to-day life!

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