Finally, our Reserve caviar has arrived! It had to stay for several weeks at the Zurich Airport, since EU and Swiss authorities didn’t want to trust the laboratory-tested high quality of this caviar.

The Reserve is the purest Beluga ever produced. Cleanest, plastic-free water was specifically used which is nearly identical to the qualities of sea water and guaranteed free of chemicals.

The Swiss authorities even decided to send the caviar to an EU laboratory in Germany in order to examine its quality once more.

We’re proud and happy to announce you that we could definitely import our caviar with an excellent laboratory result.

The fruit of the cold season, our Royal Beluga Reserve caviar

The Reserve caviar offers the following properties:

  • 3.3 mm sized Beluga grain
  • Rare grains with “eyes”
  • Special light grey colour
  • Creamy, buttery taste. Melts delicately on your tongue
  • Purest Beluga, nearly identical to wild caviar
  • Available exclusively at Swisspica

We thank you for your confidence until now and are convinced that our new introduction will appeal to you.

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